“Light affects everything. How we see, how we feel, how well we sleep.”

-Kathrine R Mitchell

Most of us take light for granted or don’t know how to leverage light in our daily lives. We are here to change that; to make your lighting work for you every day.

About Us

Lighting For Every Day was born out of Lighting Designer Kathrine R Mitchell’s conversations with her friends and family which revealed a deep need for better understanding of the lighting we interact with every day. Through our educational blog, one on one zoom sessions, and online courses (coming soon), Lighting for Every Day helps you get the most out of your lighting.

Kathrine has been designing lighting for life including theatre, television, retail, restaurants, and homes for over a decade and is passionate about the importance and impact of good lighting in our every day lives.

The Latest from Our Blog

  • Welcome to Lighting for Every Day!
    We are so excited you are here with us.  Our mission is to help you live a healthier, happier, more comfortable, more productive life and improve your business through the power of good lighting. The beginning is always scary and exciting with the endless potential of the unknown ahead. We hope it is an amazing…

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Every week we break down an aspect of lighting into easily understandable components and actionable steps you can take to make your lighting better for your every day!

“Lighting changes the mood in a room and how others perceive us.”

-Kathrine R Mitchell

Improve Your Lighting- One on One

25 min initial video call with 20 minute follow up to make sure your lighting is perfect for you

  • Personalized Lighting for Video Conferencing.
  • Transform the lighting in any room in your home! Whether you want to change the atmosphere of a room or accommodate specific tasks you perform every day, we are here to help you. Possibilities include:
    • Create dedicated task lighting for your home office or kitchen
    • Make your living room warm and cozy
    • Turn your bedroom into a welcoming sanctuary
    • Learn how to refocus the track-light in your home with my expert eye to guide you