Work With Us

Book a One on One Session:

25 min initial video call with 20 minute follow up to make sure your lighting is perfect for you

  • Personalized Lighting for Video Conferencing.
  • Transform the lighting in any room in your home! Whether you want to change the atmosphere of a room or accommodate specific tasks you perform every day, we are here to help you. Possibilities include:
    • Create dedicated task lighting for your home office or kitchen
    • Make your living room warm and cozy
    • Turn your bedroom into a welcoming sanctuary
    • Learn how to refocus the track-light in your home with my expert eye to guide you

Collaborate on a Project:

Schedule an initial consult to discuss your needs. A few examples of projects include:

  • Refocus the track lighting in your store to highlight your merchandise and make your customers look great in your dressing rooms
  • Revamp the lighting in your restaurant to welcome back your customers and make them feel safe and cozy
  • Lighting your display windows to spotlight products and create welcoming displays to draw in customers
  • Create exterior and landscape lighting at your hotel/venue/restaurant to entice guests to comfortably spend time outdoors
  • Group workshops

Tell us what we can help you create!

Custom packages, large scale projects, group webinars, corporate trainings… What would you like to collaborate on?