Lighting for Power Outages

So many of my friends in Texas and Oklahoma are without power again today. I wish I could help you stay warm, but at least I can help you see a little better.

There are several things you can do to help your light go further. Harness the power of glass, water, and shiny metal. There is a reason old chandeliers have a lot of cut glass: they help scatter and intensify the light.

My favorite way to create a room lighting lantern is to take a jug or bottle of water and attach a headlamp to it. The water and the texture of the plastic scatter the light through the room. The direction the headlamp is pointing will be the brightest, but it will put out light in all directions.

Headlamp and Water Jug Lamp
Flashlight and Water Glass Lamp

You can use a piece of aluminum foil to create a reflector to intensify light from your candle. Simply cup the shiny side of the foil around half the candle and adjust to get the light where you want it.

Foil Reflector on a Candle

I hope these simple tips help you stay sane while you wait for the power to come back on. Stay safe and warm!

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